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The most curious questions about caravan rental;

How to be organized, what precautions should be taken, the most important elements that a rental caravan should have, what should be placed in the caravan? are questions like.

Caravans; There are different variants: upper cabin, low profile, so-called minibuses or pure caravans. First of all, you need to decide which caravan type is suitable for you and your family.

After deciding on the type of caravan, detailing the work to be done along the way and during the holiday, dividing the work, deciding where to take breaks and where to camp will prevent the chaos that will occur during the holiday.

It is very important that the company rented a caravan is a reliable company. If the company does not have enough experience in caravans, if the rental process has still been carried out, the technical control of the caravan must be done. Completing the missing equipment will make the time spent on the road and vacation comfortable. The quality of the company that rented the caravan will reduce the workload and the cost will be low.

Equipment that should be in the caravan for rent;

Awning, alarm, engine climate, bathroom, toilet, heater, refrigerator, kitchen section, bed area, storage area, cable for the electrical connection of the caravan, leveling wedges when parked, triangle, water tank and quality battery.

The things that should be put into the caravan are;

Suitable clothes for the season



Food materials


Environmentally friendly personal cleaning supplies

Materials such as books, box games, ropes, hammocks and balls will help you have a pleasant time.


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