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Unfortunately, in the last year, our opportunity to have a nice holiday in touch with nature has decreased. By now we know how many allies the outdoors are in fighting the invisible enemy, the virus, but we have often had to make do with short trips or shortened vacations amidst travel restrictions, curfews and containment measures.

But nothing will stop us from daydreaming outdoors and spending a few hours relaxing and having fun watching some of the best camping-themed movies!

Let's see some titles together without spoilers.


For lovers of extreme nature and solo walks, we recommend two highly successful films: the first is 2007's "Into the Wild," which tells the true story of young Christopher McCandless and his decision to leave society permanently and live in the more extreme. Alaskan territory.

The second is “Wild” (2014), in which Reese Witherspoon stars as Cheryl Strayed, who decides to embark on one of North America's toughest trails to find herself after a troubled time.

for thrill seekers

And in this case, besides talking about camping, we present a piece of cinematic history: "Friday 13" (1980) is one of the great classics of international horror cinema, and is, as it were, set in a campground. For teenagers on the shore of a secluded lake in the middle of the New Jersey woods. The hero is the unforgettable (and masked) Jason.

a family comedy

A movie that we would definitely recommend to watch with the Little ones is "Daddy's Camp" (2007) and it shows the adventures / misadventures of two messy parents. campground for children. Lots of laughs and silly situations are guaranteed!

For those who love 80's comedies, we have another ready-made title: "It wasn't a vacation... It was a war!" (1988) is a movie where two movie greats, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, struggle over a family weekend in a cabin in the woods.

Of course we know that camping in real life is one thing, but it's worth at least enjoying some of the atmosphere while you wait for better times.


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