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Forest areas are concentrated in Kaz Mountains, which are very rich in terms of vegetation. Kazdağı Fir, a special tree unique to Kazdağı, grows here. In addition, oak, hornbeam, chestnut, oak-larch trees combine with magnificent vegetation and contribute to the oxygen of Kazdağı. Kazdağları is one of the two highest sources of oxygen in the world. In this regard, it was revealed that it passed the Alps without the need for measurement. Kazdağları, which was called Ida Mountain at that time, which was also of great importance in mythology, provides plenty of oxygen thanks to the young trees forming the density of forest areas and the scarcity of trees that cannot perform photosynthesis. Kaz Mountains take the sun more intense due to its structure facing south. As a result of the sun rays hitting the leaves of the plants, photosynthesis is intensified. In this way, the forest areas here produce intense oxygen.

KAZDAĞI CAMP; It is a nature camping area that provides tent, bungalow and caravan accommodation services within an area of ​​10,000 square meters, stretching along the Zeytinli stream strip. Edremit / Akçay-Zeytinli District can be reached by passing through picnic recreation areas, it is in the village but independent from the village. During your stay, day trips can be made to the areas close to our camp, you will also have the opportunity to see the endemic flora, rivers and unique forests of Kaz Mountain, you will be able to see the Kazdağı and other beauties of the region from the viewing areas and take great photos for your memorial album.


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