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Is the trailer the perfect love nest for campers?

Sun, sand, fresh air and no dates - all this makes you want to love. But which campground is the most informal place to have fun? Tent, caravan and caravan comparison.

Finally, the holidays. Time. Relaxation. Sun and heat also increase testosterone production. All this makes you want to have sex. But what to do when you're at the campsite? Make it easy? Yes, but watch out for the following little things:

Tent camping love

Tent fabric naturally offers little protection against noise and privacy. That's why experienced tent campers value seclusion , which means traveling longer distances to sanitary facilities for a good cause on a heavily used campground. If you are lucky enough to travel in low season, you will avoid such disadvantages.

Darkness provides only limited protection for couples in tents - at least for those who want to see each other during the act of love. Because the light in the tent leads to unwanted shadow play that attracts more attention than desired. The tent and other campers will most likely not be disturbed when the neighborhood is engaged in harmless activities, namely hanging out on the beach or elsewhere. If the sun is contributing to the heat in the tent, it makes sense to leave the entrance open. But be careful: Insect-proof gauze is not opaque.

If lovers bring their camp homes together and sleep in separate air mattresses , the intimate holiday activity can lead to intense movements of the pillows and consequent distinctive squeaking noises at the contact surfaces of the two airbags. The moist skin on bare rubber also provides a unique type of acoustic background. A cotton sheet on an air mattress or sleeping pad works wonders.

The design of the tent has a great influence on the freedom of erotic activity. However, due to the reasons mentioned, many tent holidaymakers prefer less motion-intensive sex positions while lying down.

Camping love in the trailer

The solid walls and comfortable beds of a trailer are a promise for the love-hungry traveller. However, only off-season vacationers should tempt to let themselves go completely: the soundproofing of styrofoam two to three centimeters thick can not be compared to that of a stone wall.

Caravans are virtually immune to internal stimuli, as they stand on four supports. Are you ready to go? Wait a minute: Would you imagine that internal blows between the camper and the tree would cause clotheslines to jump rhythmically, awning poles to jingle, and antennas to wobble?

Of course, couples have a little more freedom than parents when it comes to timing and opportunities for sex. But there are solutions for that too. Or why do you think campsites with children's entertainment are so popular? Of course, there are also good opportunities for intimacy in places that are simpler, that is, without animation. The open-minded parents of the neighboring plot certainly don't mind staring at the kids playing together for an hour - after all, they also know that a "nap" on vacation is definitely twice as relaxing.

If parents are attacked by insomnia at night , they should be aware that most trailers only separate them from their children with a fabric folding curtain. But they usually sleep soundly after an adventurous vacation day.

Mobile home camping love

Mobile homes and caravans are perhaps the best homes for anyone who likes to be spontaneous. Between pleasure and completion there is nothing but a parking lot or a rest area - in which case the final restraints can fall between two refrigerated trains. Little joke.

Of course, similar measures apply to mobile homes and buses as well as to caravans. In addition, only a few have stable legs , so the vehicle suspension also does its job when parking. Professionals know which way their cars are making the biggest deviations, and they position themselves in campsites and parking lots so that they don't immediately catch the attention of passers-by.

Meanwhile, caravan drivers also benefit from convenient load securing . Bicycles and camp chairs thrown so carelessly into the rear garage can create an incredible cacophony of clanging and clattering. When choosing a pocket love nest, a bed with a fixed base should always be preferred over a mobile one, if any.

There may be people who know how to use the natural dynamics of the truss structure of pull-out beds hanging from the ceiling , but in terms of noise and stability... you know.

A recess , i.e. the bed above the driver's cab, has the disadvantage of being quite low, but counters this with the advantage that children cannot see it right away. If you hide the ladder too, you don't have to be afraid of surprise visits.

The condition of the base tool also plays a role - anyone who has ever heard of the squeaking and squeaking of leaf springs craves an oil pack even more than sex.

Insider information for all campers

And then there's another place where you can get closer to a less turbulent hour, if you dare: the shower over the sink. We prefer to avoid advice in the best positions. That's because tents, caravans and mobile homes are as individual as their residents' preferences.


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