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You have learned about the equipment and movements that need to be done, added or removed during the caravan camp in the compass of the articles on our site. We wanted to add some suggestions that you should not do during the camper camp in our upcoming "caravan footnotes" articles.

Whether you are camping on a solitary site or in an official campsite, there are rules to ensure your personal and environmental safety.

You should not empty the gray water tank of the caravan to any place other than the area shown. This is a risky situation that will directly affect the health of others and indirectly your own. Treating the environment and people with respect is a rule that applies everywhere. It is necessary to warn those who violate this rule in an appropriate language.

You should not use the stove in the caravan just before going to sleep. If you are going to cook your dinner in the caravan, you must end the cooking action at least four hours before bedtime and ventilate the caravan well. The caravan stove is gas powered. Since the interior of the caravan has a minimal space, gas emission can pose a risk. For your safety, you must make sure that the gas is turned off after the cooking action and there is no leakage.

If there is no communal fire area in the camper camp area, you should not light a fire in another area every day. If there is no designated fire area, you should determine an area suitable for yourself, where the smoke will not disturb the surroundings, and use the same place throughout the camp area. You should not go away with the belief that the fire will go out on its own, you should extinguish it under control and make sure that it goes out. You should be careful not to damage the trees or caravans and tents around you.

You should not eat mushrooms and plants that you do not know. It can be an experience that will end badly as a result of collecting food from nature. You need to know mushrooms and plants well. In fact, you should act as a guarantee and get your food supplies from grocery stores and markets.

The camping area in nature may not be as friendly at night as it is during the day. After dark, you should not move away from the caravan and its surroundings. When you encounter a dangerous animal or situation, you must enter the trailer and make sure the doors are locked.

You should not take the pain of the barbecue that you cannot do in city life by barbecue every day. Do not force your metabolism and immune system, which changes with fresh air, by changing your eating habits. Be sure to include vegetables and fruits next to the barbecue. Eat a well-balanced and regular diet as you don't want to ruin your camper camp with constant stomach issues.

You must not supply fresh water from anywhere other than the designated drinking water area. Water poisoning is life-threatening.

You should not leave the battery and batteries empty by relying on the energy sources in the camping area. Intensity or energy failure will spoil your camping pleasure. You need to make sure that the battery and batteries are full.

The rules in your home also apply during the caravan camp. Being vigilant on a caravan vacation is essential for your and your family's safety. It is necessary to know and determine the points that need to be sensitive.


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