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How to Prepare a Pantry in a Caravan?

There is no doubt that food is among the pleasures of life, which you do not need to neglect even if you wander far away. Most campers have very limited pantry space, but don't be discouraged. With the necessary precautions , you can prepare the pantry for long journeys without giving up diversity .


The space reserved for the kitchens is not only the heaviest place in life in the trailer, but also the beating heart of it. The sink, oven and hob, refrigerator, pantry and associated wall units greatly affect the stability of the vehicle, so it is important to distribute the weight to maintain good balance.

The problem of the distribution of weights and volumes is at the heart of the campervan prep phase, where more and more designers, architects and engineers are working together to balance ergonomics, comfort and stability. In order to have adequate equipment, it is necessary to bring mats, sun loungers and armchairs, bicycles, children's games and items necessary for four-legged friends to the campsite, as well as the kitchen and pantry.

The first rule to follow is to place the heaviest items on the bottom, such as oil bottles, detergent packs, and various preserves. By doing this, it keeps the center of gravity low, with the advantage of eliminating the danger of falling from height during movement and saving fuel consumption.


The choice of food to be placed in the pantry clearly depends on many factors, such as the season, length of stay in the camper, available interior space and people's preferences. Unless you have a bit of a food intolerance, it is preferable to stock the pantry with canned goods that have a very long expiration date, even better if they are disposable or small in size: it is more difficult to safely manage leftovers with the kitchen equipment of a caravan. Home environment with constant temperature and a large refrigerator.

Also, it is necessary to stick to a balanced diet as much as possible in order to avoid the usual problems typical for the traveler or the onset of other problems, even serious ones. Nausea is common when traveling due to a few rough patches on the table, the classic "weather change" or the climate. So knowing how to defend yourself, even at the table, with careful choices while galleying will ensure you fully enjoy your trailer experience.

One of the first things that happens with an irregular diet is the appearance of skin disorders such as irritation, itching and acne. Therefore, oil seeds (walnuts, pine nuts, etc.), fish rich in good fatty acids (salmon, mackerel, etc.), even smoked ones; If you can't resist or are traveling in low temperatures that can easily cause dermatitis, be sure to add an acne cream and a cortisone to your first aid kit.


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