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How to choose an RV

There is no best camper, but the camper to buy should be evaluated in relation to your needs, habits, adaptability. A small camper with extreme internal convertibility could be fine for you (bed to be obtained by combining benches and tables, bathroom with integrated shower tray, roof bellows to be raised to have the necessary height internally ...), but it could be fine for me an "always ready" motorhome, bulkier but with spaces that are always usable. Which is the right choice? It doesn't exist, your choice exists which, among other things, will also change over time.

The important thing is that the camper is comfortable to use "for you", and the concept of comfort is not universal. You can also buy a great pair of stylish shoes, but if they're uncomfortable and hurt, you won't be using them much.

I was saying that to choose a motorhome you have to start from your needs and habits, or better still, those of the crew who will "normally" live in the motorhome.

How to choose an RV
How to choose an RV

To help you understand which motorhome to buy , I have prepared some useful questions, if you can think of others, add them in the comments, we will improve this article together :

  • how many will you normally be in a camper?

  • how many adults?

    • how could you sleep?

      • in the attic or on a folding bed? (if not too agile, you may have difficulty using a ladder)

      • double queue? (could it be difficult for those who sleep towards the wall to "climb over" those who sleep on the edge to get out of bed?)

      • double with access from both sides?

      • twin beds?

  • How many children and what age?

    • how could they sleep?

      • on bunk beds? do they have to have safety net?

      • in marriage? Is letting them sleep in the attic risky? Is the safety net enough?

  • Are there any teenagers who won't be coming anytime soon? could they ask to bring a friend on holiday?

  • do you have pets to bring with you? Think about the space for the kennel. Can you use the same solution for transport that you use for the car?

  • Are you willing to "assemble and disassemble" a few beds every night and morning? (quick operation but limits internal habitability, for example if the table becomes a bed obviously you won't be able to use it if someone is sleeping on it).

  • would you prefer to have a dinette (the table with sofas) always free? (if everyone is asleep you can use it with the computer, or have breakfast early in the morning if the others are still in bed)

  • Should the kitchen always be available? (i.e. use must not, for example, be prevented by opening a fold-down bed)

  • do you use the oven a lot? Do you plan to use it also in a camper?

  • Do you prefer a large fridge or would a smaller but less bulky fridge also be fine?

  • must the dimensions of the camper be very compact or, within reasonable limits, are you also willing to have a longer, taller and wider vehicle?

  • Does the bathroom have to have a separate shower? (the shower tray is not the bathroom floor, the separation is made by curtains or a rigid door, in this way the shower "steals" more space, but it is more comfortable and can be used to dry laundry and wet clothes)

  • will you be bringing bicycles, scooters or even a scooter with you?

    • will it be just an occasional need or will it be almost normal?

    • do you need a bike rack or an external motorcycle rack?

    • better a garage locker?

  • how will you mainly use the motorhome? for itinerant trips, changing seats every one/two days? semi-itinerant, with two or three "base camps" exploring the area in some way (bike, scooter, public transport ...), essentially sedentary?

  • for overnight stops, do you prefer campsites and equipped rest areas or will you often stop for free?

  • will you use the camper in every season?

Once the needs have been defined as much as possible, try to make two lists: the primary ones and the secondary ones . This is because you may have to resort to some compromises, and it is certainly better to have a minimum of "priority list" in advance.


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