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How to Choose a Camping BBQ?

The camping barbecue is an accessory that all campers have, everyone has their own preferences and in this article we try to give you our own perspective.

We will list the features of this barbecue in the list below.

Now we want to analyze for a moment what the key points were that made us choose the camping barbecue.

We will only talk about gas barbecues as charcoal #barbecues are not allowed in all #campgrounds.


The first restriction when choosing a camping barbecue is the space occupied during shipping. This is closely related to how many times you move it and the free space you have in your car or camper to transport it. As you know, space is never enough and sometimes a very bulky barbecue can make this activity boring and “I leave it at home because I don't know where to put it!” she might think.

In short, be aware of the space and weight the barbecue occupies, this can only be judged by you based on the space you have.


On average, the time it takes to assemble any camping barbecue is negligible, but be aware that some models are equipped with feet that need to be mounted above the barbecue and others do not. If you want minimal comfort, you should bring with you a side table for a barbeque without feet. This results in another item you need to take with you, which adds increased weight and space.


The most important note is regarding the cleaning of the camping barbecue, in the worst case you have to wash the grill, the lid and the grease collection base, which translates into moving even 10 kg of weight into the sinks... not behind the angle can be quite an effort. Obviously, having a large grill is essential for families with several children, but that means a lot of weight, so be very careful about it.

Mobile Camping BBQ

A camping barbecue should be like your trailer ... mobile or permanent .

If you travel a lot, the camping grill is quick to assemble, lightweight and a must have grill that is handy for quick washing and suitable for feeding your family. On the other hand, if you drive a caravan three times a year, you may prefer a more substantial solution in terms of size, with all the pros and cons mentioned above.


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