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The wedding season started late due to the pandemic and social distance weddings are being held intensively. Outdoor weddings have become even more popular with the return of necessity. Country weddings, beach weddings and street weddings are planned according to the preferences of the people. While the situation of weddings is like this, it is observed that the honeymoon preferences of the couples have started to change.

Newly married couples choose to liberate their honeymoon by choosing a caravan for their honeymoon. While the perception of honeymoon was built on an accommodation center, it now passes on the road. Couples prefer the caravan, where they have the opportunity to visit different cities, especially due to the pandemic process. Maintaining social distance with a caravan is both easy and enjoyable.

For those who want to honeymoon with a caravan;

The locations to be explored must be determined in advance. It can be preferred in different locations during the trip, but the locations that are finalized will create a safe travel impression.

Get romantic details for the meals to be eaten in the trailer before you leave. Candles, rose petals will make you feel like a hotel stay.

Prepare packed or practical menus to avoid spending too much time eating.

Do not forget to buy souvenirs that will remind you of your memories, special for the locations visited.

Since your honeymoon trip with a caravan will change your understanding of vacation and make you want to repeat it, get a map and mark the places you go together with cheerful stickers. This will determine your future travel plans.

Extending your honeymoon is quite easy compared to hotel accommodation. You can enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest without dealing with the details that will stress you out, such as room reservation availability.


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