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Holiday Starting from Istanbul with a Motorvan: Time to Explore on the Road

Holiday Starting from Istanbul with a Motorvan: Time to Explore on the Road
Holiday Starting from Istanbul with a Motorvan: Time to Explore on the Road

If you want to get away from ordinary and enjoy freedom while making holiday plans, a holiday starting from Istanbul with a motorvan may be just for you. Getting away from the chaos of city life and being surrounded by nature, scenery and discoveries can offer an unforgettable experience. Here are the tips and route suggestions for a pleasant journey starting from Istanbul with a motorvan:

Motorvan Selection and Preparations

First, you must choose your own motorvan or a motorvan you rent. If facilities such as a comfortable interior, toilet and kitchen are important to you, it is important to pay attention to these details. Then, you should make the necessary preparations for the long journey. You should not forget clothes, camping equipment, basic care products and of course your road map.

Your First Stop: Nature Paradise Bolu Yedigöller

After leaving Istanbul, you can choose Bolu Yedigöller National Park as your first stop. Famous for its ponds, forests and hiking trails, this region is ideal for a quiet break. You can go camping or explore these beauties on nature walks.

Dreamy Landscapes: Gölcük Nature Park

As you continue your journey, Gölcük Nature Park may be another stop that stands out with its tranquility and impressive views. You can camp here and enjoy peaceful moments by watching the sunset by the lake.

Historical Textures: Safranbolu

If you are interested in historical and cultural riches, visiting Safranbolu can be a great idea. With its historical houses from the Ottoman period, narrow streets and delicious local food, Safranbolu is a destination that offers a visual feast and smells of history.

Pearl of the Black Sea: Amasra

Amasra is the ideal point to take your journey to the mystical atmosphere of the Black Sea. This charming town by the sea will fascinate you with its historical walls, port and delicious seafood.

Intertwined with Nature: Karagöl Coastal Nature Park

If you want to live your holiday even more in touch with nature, you can visit Karagöl Coastal Nature Park. Located in the forest, this area offers peaceful camping areas and hiking routes.

This holiday route, which starts from Istanbul with a motorvan, offers an unforgettable experience for those who want to enjoy nature and discoveries. Don't forget to make memories and discover new places during your journey. Have a good journey!


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