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An object from South America, a hammock is a piece of fabric or canvas suspended in the air between two supports. Long considered the bed of the poor, the hammock is now a popular recreation accessory around the world. In this article, we provide an overview of the different types of hammocks to suit your taste.

traditional hammock;

These are Mexican, Colombian and Brazilian hammocks. The first, also called hammock net, usually consists of a piece of unbleached cotton or sisal fabric. Although not very aesthetic, this hammock offers great flexibility and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The second is a cotton hammock, available in a variety of colors. However, it is quite stifling in times of strong heat. The Brazilian hammock is distinguished from the first by the macrame and the fringes that adorn it. These hammocks are easily mounted on any support thanks to the accompanying hooks.

hammock with bar;

It differs from the traditional type by the presence of bars that serve to keep the hammock ends constantly apart. Therefore, it offers a very decorative effect even when empty. However, although very aesthetic, this mode of manufacture has the disadvantage of making this hammock rather unstable and even uncomfortable. So think about the risk of falling before you buy!


Designed according to the same principle as the hanging chair, this hammock consists of either a hanging loop or a wooden bar that allows it to unfold and have optimum comfort. Its large size is perfect for any activity that requires peace of mind. Another version of such hammocks stands on a metal leg, which guarantees better stability.

parachute canvas hammock;

It is a very original hammock with its practicality as well as its design. Indeed, this type of hammock meets the needs of a broad category of users, especially hikers and campers, at best, as it is durable, easy to set up and also easy to store. In addition, the fabric used is microporous, so it is suitable even in hot weather.

baby hammock;

Also dedicated to young children, the baby hammock offers the advantage of reproducing the rocking that the baby experiences for 9 months in the womb. As a result, this hammock is easily recommended by doctors as a substitute for the traditional bassinet. Besides natural cotton canvas, this hammock consists of a padded mattress for optimum comfort, a steel spring to create a lasting swing, and a wooden spacer for good air circulation.

Do not hesitate to buy a hammock for your children or for yourself, because it has a very beneficial effect on sleep and overall health. Studies have shown that you sleep better in a hammock!


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