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Crew, travel and accommodation

If you've compiled two lists of requirements, the crew will come strictly in order of importance, or rather, by the number of people who make up the crew.

A bed for everyone, a place to travel, and a place at the table: obviously.

During short or long journeys, the number of passengers MUST be at most as specified in the vehicle booklet: this number cannot be exceeded.

Ekip, yolculuk ve konaklama
Ekip, yolculuk ve konaklama

All seat occupants ( traveling and turning in beds in the caravan is prohibited), fastened seat belts and legal child seats . A child seat cannot be used for lightly worn campers without a seat belt, take this into account when choosing. Confirmation first: Check the booklet carefully for how many people the camper you are about to take has been approved for. Most campers in the category of 3.5 quintals today are approved for four ( hence travel destinations). If you look carefully, you'll also find motorhomes that have been approved for several, these are usually cabin tops, especially older models (forgive the term, it's meant to indicate that it's only done once). ATTENTION they will often tell you about sleeping places, for example check if the beautiful camper you are about to buy with 7 sleeping places (one upper cabin with a bunk bed and two dining rooms) is also approved for the same number of passengers, this is not always the case(Of course, it's okay to buy a caravan for 5 people and 7 people, depending on your preference, it means you will stand wider). The dining room is the center of RV life : you'll need it to eat, play, read and do your homework. Sometimes even more than one thing at the same time. Each person should have their own, comfortable and easily accessible place. Driver and passenger seats are increasingly used to supplement the number of seats in the dining room, they are mounted on swivel plates and do their double duty well. However, I would do a little check if the two seats rotate easily (I once saw a friend's camper have to open the door to turn the driver's seat because the armrest impedes movement). Try to sit on the seats facing the table and check if you can eat on them.(sometimes they're too far away or too high/low and don't allow much adjustment). Then try to sit in every seat in the dining room, the seats should be deep enough and comfortable. In L-shaped dining rooms , the seat against the wall is almost always (I always say) a little shallower, try it. When it comes to beds , certain things have to be considered: comfort , i.e. the size and softness of the bed, tidiness , i.e. the "over-imaginary" shapes of the bed (try to imagine making the bed and sleeping on it can be used well), accessibility , i.e. stairs or any other thing to use. thing (assess your athletic agility), safety , especially for children at heights there should be a net, air and light , a window or porthole , which ensures air exchange towards each bed , heating , If you want to use the caravan even in winter , sleeping areas, even the attic, should be drained check if it is in good condition.Crew , travel and accommodation


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