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The toilet in the caravan needs more hygiene products, just like the toilets in our house, perhaps because less water is used than in the house. Caravan toilets waste water is collected in a cassette or tank. Therefore, the production of bacteria and odor is very fast.

It is necessary to empty the waste water of the caravan toilets to the indicated place in the camp areas. It is very important to wash the inside of the tank or cassette with the hose or faucet after the discharge process and to spray it with the right chemical. It provides comfortable use by reducing chemical odor and bacterial growth.

Chemicals that mask bad odors and liquefy waste should be diluted with water and used. Since the product is concentrated in the package, its direct use carries the risk of adversely affecting the toilet equipment, most importantly human health. When diluted with water, it will both allow the product to be used for a longer period of time and prevent the risk of affecting health and equipment.

Some products are sold separately for the purpose of preventing odor-causing bacteria and eliminating bacteria from waste. The protection period of these products is a maximum of three days. It is very important to regularly empty the cassette or waste water tank.

Since it may be difficult to find a waste water tank and a space to empty the cassette during the journey, using an intermediate waste tank will prevent you from experiencing this problem until the area where you will camp. Known as "black tanks", these intermediate tanks will allow you to travel continuously for seven or ten days, or to continue your use until you find a suitable discharge area.


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