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Caravan or motorhome, which is better?

If you are thinking of entering the camping world, having a closer contact with nature by camping in a natural area or living the camping experience , you are probably asking yourself this question: Which is the best purchase: a Caravan (CA) or a Motorhome (AC)? . In this article on our blog we will try to break down the advantages and disadvantages of each one so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

What is a caravan?

A caravan is a vehicle conditioned to live in it, towed by a car Royal Spanish Academy

What is a motorhome?

A motorhome is a vehicle with its own motor, conditioned to live in it Royal Spanish Academy

Motorhome consumption

The motorhome, like any motor vehicle, has a consumption depending on the use we make (Revolutions Per Minute), the weather conditions, the state of the road on which we drive, the type of engine (Diesel / Gasoline), the weight of the motorhome and that of the occupants and furniture that are inside it.

Ignoring these factors, based on the average weight that they usually have (Around 3500 Kg) the average consumption of the Motorhome is usually between 11-14 Liters / 100 Km

Advantages of the Caravan


An advantage of the #Caravan is that once you have parked it at the campsite, you can visit the city moving around with your vehicle , being able to park in any street or parking lot (at a supermarket for example), while with the Motorhome or Camper this case is very difficult or impossible most of the time.


A caravan, after all, is a mobile home that will last as long as the care you want to give it, so it can last a lifetime and more, something that does not happen with motorhomes, since it is a vehicle with a motor it's hard to keep it the same as a caravan after a few decades.

Disadvantages of the Caravan

Road safety

For the stability of the caravan, a certain speed limit must be respected, being careful not to derail the weight that we carry on the back of our vehicle, increasing the danger in areas with rain, snow, ice or windy days . So with the Caravan it will take longer to reach your destination.

In addition, another problem that can arise when towing the Caravan is that the saint goes to heaven and we forget that we are carrying it on our backs, being able to make a sudden turn with the car (God forbid) and have an incident . In addition to the fact that if the car is not very powerful, it suffers dragging the caravan from one place to another.


Another inconvenience of the Caravans is at the time of parking , since depending on the dimensions of the plot, caravan and vehicle, the maneuver can become somewhat complicated , while with the Motorhome it is simply to park and apply the handbrake. Also driving in general feels smoother and lighter in the Motorhome .


Once you have parked your caravan, it is a tedious job to have to collect everything , disassemble the beach bar and go to another place, so if you do not like to spend many days in the same place and you are attracted by the idea of ​​improvising on the march, the AC is your option.


You may find yourself in the middle of a natural route and you want to walk a path with stones, mud, earth or that at first glance may seem unstable. Rest assured that with the Caravan you will not even contemplate the possibility of going there, on the other hand with the AC you have a much greater security to venture on that type of surface.


If you have the need to transport a vehicle or extra material (motorcycle, bicycles, kayak, skis, etc.), with the AC you have the option of taking a trailer to transport these materials with you, not so with the AC, since the AC itself caravan is the trailer.

If your intention is to go camping free in the middle of nature, without a doubt the Motorhome is your option , because if you have any problem in the area where you have parked (you have not been able to choose the best place, muddy area, unforeseen rain, etc.) you can quickly change places .

Disadvantages of the Motorhome

cabin space

Keep in mind that in the #Motorhome, the space is limited by the driver's cabin in addition to the engine chassis, so you always have to subtract about a meter and a half from the total space of the vehicle-home.

motorhome maintenance

The revision of the engine and the filters are only regular for the Motorhomes, however the CA and the AC have the obligation to pass the revision of the axles, tires and brakes .

Caravan and motorhome installations

CAs and ACs may share a number of facilities (not explicitly required) within them that need their individual reviews

  • Gas installation: Pipes that handle the operation of the kitchen.

  • Water installation: Connection for the water intake in the campsites and water tanks for the shower

  • Electrical installation: Solar panels, external power outlets and plugs

ITV Caravans

Caravans must pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection only if they weigh more than 750kg. The first inspection is 8 years after registration. After that period, it is mandatory to pass it every 2 years.

ITV Caravans

Motorhomes are considered passenger cars, so the first inspection of the #ITV is 4 years after registration, from then on it is mandatory every 2 years, until the vehicle is 10 years old, which is at the time in which the revision is mandatory to pass it every year

To conclude the article, you can ask yourself some questions to help you decide if you still have doubts:

  • Do I want to do urban tourism or do I prefer to focus on living in the campsite I go to?

  • Can I find it particularly inconvenient to tow a caravan?

  • Am I traveling with children? And if so, do my children need movement in the city or do they enjoy the camping facilities?

  • How many km am I going to travel?


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