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Fire is always one of the disasters that end with great losses. Although the cause of its exit is not naturally occurring like other disasters, its ruins are just as destructive.

The fire in the caravan progresses faster than other fires and can also create a bomb effect due to vehicle fuel. If there is any inhabitant in this fire, it may result in a great disaster as it cannot be an escape area.

In order to prevent the fire in the caravan and to survive the possible fire with the least damage;

You must have a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and fire blanket in the caravan.

You have to perfect the electrical systems. You should have the caravan's electrical equipment inspected by a specialist and follow their recommendations. You should make sure that your electrical products are in working condition, and that there are no broken wires and uncovered wires. To power your caravan, you should use a quality extension cable and make sure that the cables do not come into contact with water. If you want to be sure about water, you can use the amphibious power adapter.

While cooking in the caravan, you should never leave your meal alone. When not in use, you must make sure that the gas and the cooker are properly covered. During the fire, you should never interfere with the fire with water. You should always have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher near the stove, near the caravan door.

You should have the caravan's fuel and gas supplies checked. If there is a suspicious situation, you should perform the necessary actions without losing time. When you are not using the caravan, you should make sure that the gas system is turned off.

You should regularly test that the smoke alarm in your caravan is working. You shouldn't forget to replace your batteries regularly.


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