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Caravan enjoyment at Hıdırellez

Hıdırellez is a holiday celebrated in Turkey and the Balkans to celebrate the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature. The origin of these celebrations on 6 May, which is accepted as the day when the prophets Hızır and İlyas met on earth, dates back to ancient times. If you are wondering what to do on Hıdırellez, how to have fun and which traditions are kept alive, you can take a look at this article we have prepared for you.

Caravan enjoyment at Hıdırellez
Caravan enjoyment at Hıdırellez

List of things to do on Hıdırellez:

1) Wishing for the wish of Hızır: One of the most common things done on Hıdırellez is to wish for Hızır. It is believed that Hızır helps those who are in trouble and it is hoped that the wishes asked from him will come true. Wishes are usually written on paper and hung on a tree or thrown into water. In some regions, wish papers are set on fire or buried in the ground.

2) Jumping from the fire: It is also a common tradition to light a fire on Hıdırellez and jump over it. It is believed that jumping from the fire will bring health, fertility and happiness. In addition, shouting "Hızır fire" while jumping from the fire is also thought to bring luck.

3) Tying money to the rose tree: Tying money to the rose tree for abundance and wealth on Hıdırellez is also a common practice. By praying under the rose tree and tying coins or precious metals such as gold to the branches, it is asked to be blessed.

4) Drinking rose water: Getting up early on the morning of Hıdırellez and drinking rose water first thing in the morning is among the things to be done for beauty, youth and health. Rose water is also said to be good for the skin.

5) Looking for clover: Looking for clover on Hıdırellez is also an activity thought to bring luck. Finding four-leaf clover is considered especially lucky and the clover is dried and stored or given as a gift to a loved one.

6) Lock picking: Opening locks on Hidirellez is another tradition. Opening a lock signifies that the obstacles in life will be removed. For this purpose, an old lock is taken and it is made sure that it has no key. Then the lock is left in water or buried in the ground and the next day it is taken out and tried to open it.

7) Enjoying the caravan: It is also a great idea to enjoy a caravan to be in touch with nature on Hidirellez. You can go to your favourite places with a caravan and discover the beauties of nature, have a picnic, take a walk or ride a bike.

8) Planting flowers Planting flowers, the harbinger of spring, is one of the beautiful things that can be done on Hidirellez. You can beautify your home by planting colourful flowers on your balcony or garden.


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