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Caravan campsites, Katrancı Bay Campsite

Katrancı Bay Campsite, which is 16 km away from Fethiye district of Muğla, hosts the sights that all nature lovers should see. The Nature Park in the area offers the opportunity to camp and swim. Entry fees vary depending on the person or vehicle.

There are tables, hiking trails, toilet and water facilities in the area. Besides these, you can access the changing cabin and electricity free of charge, for this you should bring an extension cord with you. There are markets, restaurants and entertainment venues around the area.

Entrance Fee: Individual 8 TL, student 4 TL, motorcycle 14 TL, automobile 24 TL, minibus 72 TL, minibus 120 TL, bus 216 TL.

Camping Fee: Tent accommodation 51 TL, caravan accommodation 61 TL.

Camping Facilities: Tent rental, restaurant, changing cabin, shower, WC, clean water, market, picnic tables, laundry, children's playground and refrigerator.

Caravan campsites, Kamp Lotus Dalyan Campsite
Caravan campsites, Kamp Lotus Dalyan Campsite


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