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* There are 8 Bungalows and 1 Cabin in Aladağlar Camping.

* Guests camping in their tents can use the toilet and common kitchen.

* Aladağlar Kamping has a free common kitchen for guests.

The common kitchen is equipped with basic needs. There is also an oven and refrigerator.

The kitchen is open from 1 April to 1 November.

* The water in the camp comes from a fresh mountain spring. It is pure and drinkable.

* Cafe with mountain view offers breakfast, dinner and hot and cold drinks.

* Cimbar valley is 7 km from the camp and Kazıklı valley is 4 km away.

* You can arrange a transfer from Kamp to reach the mountains.


* There are shops in the center of Çukurbağ village. Cukurbag village center is 2 km away from the camp.

* You can find everything you need on the shopping street in Çamardı, 7 km from the camp.


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