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8 tips before buying your used caravan

If the caravan offers a certain freedom and allows you to travel comfortably, you should be very careful when deciding to buy a used caravan. This type of vehicle purchase is not done on a whim and you need to determine your needs and budget before you begin your research. Price criteria, but also technical criteria, purchase from a person or a professional, all this should be carefully considered. We help you see clearly.

Everything you need to know before buying a used campervan

Fully define your needs

In order not to get a very spacious caravan for your needs or a second-hand caravan that is too sophisticated for your taste, you should first evaluate your needs. If you're a pair of young retirees traveling with your caravan all year round, it's clear that you won't have the same needs as a family of 5 who want to spend three or four months abroad and can buy a touring bike for everyone. . If needs are intensifying for a few months a year, you will need to consider an ideal place to park your caravan (wintering) even when you are not using it. If you don't have a garage, you will need to budget to rent a shelter for the months you don't use it. Unless you choose to rent? All this should be considered before buying a used campervan. A couple who want to travel in their caravan for a few months a year,

Consider your caravan budget

Be warned, when you look at used caravan ads, the models that flaunt it are attractive and you may forget some notions of reality. First off, what is your actual budget for buying a used campervan? In addition to buying a caravan that meets your needs, your budget should also consider additional costs (eg: replacing a part or installing additional accessories at a professional, etc.).

Where can I find used caravan ads?

You can buy your used caravan from an individual or a professional. It can be found in ads for individuals (example: ) or on sites specializing in classified ads.

To know if you choose to buy from a contact

You can get a good deal by going through one person. This is especially true if you find a camper that meets your needs, if it is in excellent technical condition and has been meticulously maintained interior. Ideally, if the owner has kept all their bills, the technical inspection is OK, and the mileage is reasonable for the year the caravan was put into circulation, it is possible to trace the repair history.

But in reality it is rare to be able to meet all these criteria when buying a motorhome from a private person. Therefore, you should carefully check the caravan and know enough not to make any mistakes. It goes without saying that you can't be a caravan owner without seeing it, seeing it up close, and meeting the owner. If the price is particularly attractive to you and you still want to buy your used caravan from a private person, be sure to do the necessary checks (vehicle registration and technical inspections) and be meticulous about payment terms (a bank check). Finally, unless the camper is very new, it will certainly no longer come with the original manufacturer's warranty.

Advantages of buying a used caravan from a professional

Often times, a used caravan purchased from a professional can have benefits that the person should not have. The caravan offered for sale may have been used, for example, during the rental periods, but as with car rentals, it will be systematically checked and meticulously maintained with each new rental. When it leaves the rental fleet it is generally in very good condition and has an extended warranty. It should be added that a dealer specializing in caravans has a dedicated technical team that can detect and fix the slightest technical problem. When you know very little about mechanics, it's often reassuring to buy a used campervan from a professional rather than an individual.

Caravan controls

Whether you buy your used caravan from an individual or a professional, you will need to check some important points such as water resistance, condition of the engine, various equipment inside (air conditioner, refrigerator, hotplate etc.). ), the state of the overall interior layout. Do not hesitate to sit on the bench, turn on the taps or turn on the electricity to see if all the lighting is working properly.

Test drive your used caravan

Unlike a used car that you can buy for short trips, the camper is more aimed at getting you to "see the country". That's why it's so important to have it on hand and test drive your future home on wheels. Take the time to test drive it at your dealer or the private person you purchased your used campervan from. This allows you to evaluate the ride and detect any technical faults (gearbox, steering wheel, suspension, etc.).

Administrative documents and warranty to be closely supervised

If you buy your caravan from a dealer, you can take advantage of an extended warranty. Check what it's about and the risks that will be covered under warranty. Purchasing a used caravan from a professional is fairly straightforward in terms of administrative paperwork, but you will have to be more careful if you buy from a private person. You'll need to request attestation of administrative status - the document formerly called a "no foreclosure certificate" confirming the sale - and you can check the correctness of the deed serial number with the one specified at the campsite. (must be placed on door, step or gas cabinet, as the case may be).


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